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When applying beard oil, more important than when you apply it, is how you apply it. One thing you must ensure is that your beard is lightly coated in oil from the root to the tip.

A few drops is really all you need, and if you live in a cold or particularly dry climate, this everyday moisturizing routine is critical to care for and maintain your beard.

Here's how much you should ideally be using based on your beard length:

Stubble: 1 to 2 drops
Beards that are 1-2 inches long: 2-4 drops
Beards that are 3-6 inches long: 4-6 drops
Beards longer than 6 inches: 7+ drops (to ensure roots are penetrated and all strands are coated)

If you're applying the oil in the morning, right after a shower, make sure to towel-dry your beard (oil and water don't mix), but just enough so that your beard is slightly damp allowing the hair follicles to absorb more of the oil.

Start by taking a few drops of beard oil in your cupped palm. Rub the beard oil distributing it evenly in your palm and work your way down from the roots to the end of your beard strands. Gently, massage the skin beneath your beard and work your hand in a downwards motion from your cheeks to your chin.

For longer beards take a beard comb and gently comb your beard to spread the oil, so that it can get to hard to reach places that you might've missed. Repeat daily for best results.



Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)

Golden Jojoba Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Orange Bitter Essential Oil

Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil

Bay Rum

Natural Fragrance

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