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Our Story

Who is Tony Thompson?

Founder of G for Men, Tony Thompson is a modest country boy from a small town of less than 300 people.  He is inspired by God, family & hip hop culture. The former college football player [N.C. State & former West Point Cadet candidate] is a dedicated father & husband who believes that everyone should Grind Relentlessly for Your Truth… {GRYT}. He believes that life is part art & part science. He believes in being a trail blazer and never being persuaded to assimilate just to fit in. We all have a divine purpose to live out our inner legends.  Someday hopefully he will be known for the legacy of G for Men.  More about Tony T is on the way stay tuned.



What’s the Science?

"We offer a more inclusive approach to men's skincare."

The science of finding the right formulas to accommodate the skin problems of men with darker pigmentation is a rarely discussed issue.  However, there is a major challenge facing this industry.  We have spent nearly 2 years creating formulas to develop the proper PH Balance for any skin type. Many companies will try to persuade Men of Color that they really care; they may have good intentions but are they investing the time to find out what is really working?  Are they only concerned with capturing a new and trending market? Research revealed that bad ingredients and toxins still remain in their products. For years men with darker pigmentation have been subjected to the same skincare routines that men of lighter pigment favor.  Only until now has a company been solely dedicated to creating a line of products with Men of Color in mind first.  This does not exclude anyone from using our products but we believe in order to holistically provide “Great skin for Great men” that each color in the skin spectrum has to be treated with the same attention. We specifically start with “dark to light vs light to dark” this is uncommon practice for your traditional skincare company. For more info on your skin please visit our blog GRYTMATIC.


Dermatologist tested!

We were advised from a handful of dermatologists who took pride in explaining how the skin of Men of Color should be treated. Anti-bleaching, non-alcoholic, Vegan, Organic, all natural are some adjectives that describe our ingredients. No more excessive dryness and problems with adult acne! For more information refer to our blog.  More to come on our dermatologists!


FINALLY! Grooming products inspired & formulated by Men of Color.



Many skincare companies try to persuade Men of Color that they care. Are they really just trying to cash in on a trending market? We specifically start formulation with “dark to light complexion vs light to dark” this is an uncommon practice for most traditional skincare companies. G for Men has been dermatology tested. We specialize in creating the finest face kits & beard kits. We develop the best PH balanced anti-aging cream, face wash , under eye treatment (EYE GEL) and acne solutions on the market. Be sure to check out our grooming products including our highly anticipated beard serum, beard balm & our signature anti-bacterial body wash. GFORMEN IS INSPIRED BY THE MOVEMENTS  TWO OF THE INDUSTRY LEADERS.  GFORMEN, CONSIDERED THE TOP MEN'S GROOMING COMPANIES FOR MEN OF COLOR.   BLACK MEN WITH BEARDS SHOULD DEFINITELY CHECK OUT GFORMEN.COM AFRICAN AMERICAN SKINCARE LINE