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SuperDamp+Black Fruit Punch Beard Combo 4 oz

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Take advantage of this great bundled price.

Our BLUE&CREAM BEARD BALM is a daily skin and beard moisturizer that acts as an outstanding anti-itch & conditioner to promote new growth. Contains aloe vera and a supreme combo of essential oils to soothe and protect.


Our Super Damp beard serum has been touted as a first team All-American. This is seriously the Diaper Dandy of all beard products. Our special blend of Agave nectar and Bay Rum will have your beard looking like you just stepped out of the shower.

















*Men of Color Leave in Conditioner for Beard [formulated for Coarse hair to Straight hair].

Many skincare companies try to persuade Men of Color that they care. Are they really just trying to cash in on a trending market? We specifically start formulation with “dark to light complexion vs light to dark” this is an uncommon practice for most traditional skincare companies. G for Men has been dermatology tested. We specialize in creating the finest face kits & beard kits. We develop the best PH balanced anti-aging cream, face wash , under eye treatment (EYE GEL) and acne solutions on the market. Be sure to check out our grooming products including our highly anticipated beard serum, beard balm & our signature anti-bacterial body wash. GFORMEN IS INSPIRED BY THE MOVEMENTS  TWO OF THE INDUSTRY LEADERS.  GFORMEN, CONSIDERED THE TOP MEN'S GROOMING COMPANIES FOR MEN OF COLOR.   BLACK MEN WITH BEARDS SHOULD DEFINITELY CHECK OUT GFORMEN.COM AFRICAN AMERICAN SKINCARE LINE